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CONSUMER CREDIT CARD CUSTOMER AGREEMENT & DISCLOSURE STATEMENT BY INVITATION® VISA SIGNATURE® Table of Contents: Your Contract With Us: Using Your Account: Changes To This Agreement: Fees And Interest: Billing Statements And Payments: Other Important Information: Arbitration: Your Billing Rights: Interpreter Certification:

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Notice To California Cardholders To our California customers who have discussed credit card terms and conditions with us in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Tagalog: Read Section 33 about interpreter certification before you activate your credit card. Antes de activar su tarjeta de crédito, lea la sección 33 con respecto a una certificación importante.

Your Contract With Us (1) Agreement. This Credit Card Agreement (“Agreement”) covers the use of your credit card account (“Account”) with us. It includes the Important Terms of Your Credit Card Account on the enclosed letter or the document that accompanies your Card, as well as any subsequent disclosures, all of which are incorporated here by reference. You accept the terms of this Agreement by using or activating your Account. If you have a joint Account, each of you is bound by this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully and save it for future reference. (2) Parties to this Agreement. This Agreement is made between Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., P.O. Box 10347, Des Moines, IA 50306 (“we”, “us”, and “our”) and each Account holder, whether primary or joint (“you” and “your”). (3) Definitions. APR Billing Cycle or Billing Period Card Cash Advance

Credit Access Device Important Terms of Your Credit Card Account New Balance Outstanding Balance Payment Due Date Purchase

An Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The interval between billing statements. Each billing statement shows a closing date. The statement closing date is the last day of the Billing Cycle for that billing statement. Any credit card we issue to use your Account. Obtaining cash or funds using your Account by: • presenting your Card at a bank that accepts Visa; • using your Card with your Card Personal Identification Number (PIN) to obtain cash from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) which displays any of the logos appearing on your Card; • using any Wells Fargo debit card linked to your Account to obtain cash from any ATM which displays any of the logos appearing on your Wells Fargo debit card; • using the Wells Fargo Online Banking® service for transactions other than those disclosed as balance transfers; • using our Customer Service department for transactions other than those disclosed as balance transfers; • taking overdraft protection advances; • using SUPERCHECKS™ checks that are issued in connection with this Account, (unless provided by us in connection with a balance transfer offer); or • buying cash equivalents such as money orders, wire transfers, traveler checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, casino chips, off-track wagers, other wagers, vouchers redeemable for cash or similar items. A device, other than your Card, (such as SUPERCHECKS™ checks, balance transfer checks) we allow you to use to access credit on your Account. A summary of your Account’s APRs, fees and other important information. The Outstanding Balance as of a statement closing date. The sum of all unpaid amounts, including Purchases, Cash Advances, balance transfers, interest, fees and any other amounts that you may owe us. The date the Minimum Payment is due to us. The Payment Due Date will be at least 25 days from the statement closing date. It is shown on your billing statement. The use of your Account to: • buy or lease goods or services; • make any transaction that is not a Cash Advance, balance transfer, or other type of transaction we may identify.

Other terms are defined in the Agreement below. (4) Contacting Us. Unless stated otherwise in this Agreement, you may contact us at the phone number or address shown on your billin