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Nokia 2630 disassembly >>> Tools required: Torx 5 screwdriver •

First remove the battery cover & battery. Next remove the two screws you see

The front cover can be removed by unclipping it starting at the middle of the cover (where you just removed the two screws).

Your phone will now look like below. Now remove the four screws you can see.

The LCD is held in place by a plastic frame which is held to the PCB with clips around its edge. Unclip the frame from left to right, like below. Don't remove it completely, but leave it attached on the right side.

Lift the PCB from left to right at the top of the phone. Be careful and do not remove it completely as it's held in place at the bottom of the phone by the ringer. You just need to lift it out enough to access the connector from the LCD screen, circled below. This connects

like a plug and socket. Simply lift it away from the PCB to unplug the connector.

You have now removed the LCD screen. Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly.

If you have any questions about Nokia 2630 disassembly, email [email protected] The official service manual for this phone may also help you with further Nokia 2630 disassembly. Click here for details