2000 Volkswagen Golf - 55097716-Volkswagen-Jetta-Golf-GTI-A4-Service-Manual-1999-2005-Complete-Index.pdf

2000 Volkswagen Golf Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information - 55097716-Volkswagen-Jetta-Golf-GTI-A4-Service-Manual-1999-2005-Complete-Index.pdf

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Volume 1: Sections 0 through 4

WARNING Your common sense, good judgement, and general alertness are crucial to safe and successful service work. Before attempting any work on your VW, read the warnings and cautions on page vii and the copyright page at the front of the manual. Review these warnings and cautions each time you prepare to work on your VW. Please also read any warnings and cautions that accompany the procedures in the manual.

A ABS see Anti-lock brakes (ABS) ABS/EDL/ASR/ESP coding tables ST-29 Air conditioning (A/C) A/C, heating and ventilation controls 87-23 A/C clutch 87-38 A/C components, underhood 87-32 A/C compressor 87-34 A/C passenger compartment components (climatronic) 87-24 A/C pressure switches, checking 87-9 A/C refrigerant circuit, 87-2 A/C refrigerant system 87-5 A/C refrigerant system, replacing components 87-12 A/C refrigerant system servicing 87-16 A/C refrigerant system, discharging and charging 87-21 A/C refrigerant system, flushing 87-22 A/C system, troubleshooting 87-18 A/C system odor, checking 87-16 air flap motors (climatronic) 87-28 condenser assembly, overview 87-14 control module for fresh air blower, removing 87-26 evaporator/heater assembly, overview 87-15 evaporator water drain valve 87-33 footwell air outlet temperature sensor, removing and installing 87-26 footwell/defrost flap motor (V85), removing and installing 87-31 fresh air blower, removing 87-27 high pressure service valve assembly 87-10 low pressure service valve assembly 87-10 pressure relief valve 87-10 refrigerant oil, pag 87-12 refrigerant lines and hoses 87-12 sunlight photo sensor, removing 87-26 temperature flap motor (V68) 87-30

Volume 2: Sections 5 through 9

Air filter see Maintenance Airbag system coding tables ST-32 Airbags see Seatbelts, airbags control module coding see Scan Tool Alarm system see Front doors, comfort system Alternator see Engine Electrical, generator Antenna see Radio Anti-freeze see Engine–cooling system Anti-lock brakes (ABS) ABS components 45-4 ABS control module 45-21 ABS control module coding see Scan Tool brake light switch, removing and installing 45-10 brake system warning lights 45-8 electrical components 45-5 front ABS rotor, checking 45-23 hydraulic/mechanical ABS components 45-13 hydraulic unit, distinguishing features 45-6 hydraulic unit, removing/installing 45-16 special precautions for ABS or ABS/EDL equipped vehicles 45-2 wheel speed sensors 45-22 Anti-theft Immobilizer 96-8 Automatic transmission ATF cooler 37-58 automatic transmission electronic and electrical components 37-11 basic settings 37-19 selector lever cable, checking and adjusting (01M) 37-27 selector lever cable, checking and adjusting (09A) 37-28 shift lock 37-29 shift lock operation checking 37-36 shift mechanism, assembly 37-21 transmission, removing and installing (01M) 37-37 transmission, removing and installing (09A) 37-48 transmission code location 37-2 transmission range switch, removing, installing, adjusting 37-17

B Battery see Engine electrical



remote control batteries, changing see Front doors Belts ribbed v-belt, see Maintenance toothed belt, see Timing belt Bleeding brakes see Brakes–hydraulic system Body–exterior equipment exterior moldings 66-7 front grille 66-10 “GTI 337 edition” special trim 66-11 mirror housing 66-1 roof moldings, overview 66-7 roof rack rail (Jetta wagon) 66-9 rear spoiler 66-13 rear spoiler stoplight 66-14 side moldings, overview 66-8 side-view mirror 66-1 side-view mirror assembly 66-3 sill panel extension 66-12 wheel housing liners 66-5 Body–front front body components 50-1 fender dimensions, Golf/GTI 50-3 fender dimensions, Jetta 50-3 front fender assembly 50-2 lock carrier 50-4 front noise insulation 50-5 Boost pressure see Turbocharger and intercooler Brake fluid see Brakes–hydraulic system see also Maintenance Brake light switch removing and installing 45-10 Brakes–hydraulic system brake booster 47-22 brake booster pressure sensor 47-19 brake pressure regulator 47-11 brake fluid 47-13 bleeding 47-14